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Dillan est votre acheteur, nous ne sommes pas un intermédiaire
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Vendez tout ou partie de votre bien immobilier, pour un montant sur-mesure
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Montant de la vente clair et sans surprise, versé en une fois
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Use the capital according to your needs

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Renovate your home

Insulation, energy renovation, comfort improvement in your home; become free to live better at home

Paying off debts

Credit repurchase, early repayment, with Dillan, free yourself from the burden of debt

Donation of money
Make a donation

Anticipate the transmission of assets, with your children or grandchildren, to allow them to live their projects and optimize taxation

Nurse and heart
Funding for home support workers

To be able to support the high cost of home care workers, so that you can live safely in your own home, with all the necessary support

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Carry out the projects that are important to you

Why choose Dillan?

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Dillan is your partner

Dillan is not an intermediary. We are your financial partner, at your side so that you have the financial means to live your projects and meet your needs.

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Dillan has the right solution for you

With our Reverso solutions, you choose the amount you wish to obtain. In any case, you can live at home as before, without changing your habits.

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Simple, transparent and fast

One visit, a clear price list, a quick transaction with cash payment.

Tout savoir sur notre offre
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Stéphane Revault
"Dillan helps you release the equity tied up in your home, so you can improve your retirement."
Stéphane Revault, Co-founder
Aurélien Simon
"Dillan is not an intermediary, it is the partner at your side so that you get the capital of your choice."
Aurélien Simon, Co-founder
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Vente en viager : découvrez notre guide complet

Définitions, aspects juridiques, aspects financiers... Découvrez notre guide complet et entièrement gratuit, pour vous permettre de tout comprendre sur le viager.
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