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Simulateur de vente en viager selon Dillan

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Un capital important immédiatement : pas de rente viagère
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Une vente sans intermédiaire : finies les visites avec de nombreux acheteurs potentiels, finies les négociations
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De la flexibilité : pour obtenir précisément le montant dont vous avez besoin
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Why use our life simulator?
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With our life annuity simulator, find out in just two clicks how much financial capital you could obtain.
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Simply indicate your age and the approximate value of your property.
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Immediate, free estimate, no need to provide personal details
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No commitment to go further
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Total sale

With our Reverso offer, we buy the bare ownership of your property. In exchange for the purchase, you receive a capital sum corresponding to the value of your property, discounted by the value of your usufruct, in a single payment on the day the sale is signed. So, unlike a traditional life annuity sale, there's no uncertainty about the amount you'll receive.

Portrait of a smiling retiree
With Reverso I received a fixed amount for my property in one payment, no more uncertainties!
Anna M., Nogent-sur-Marne
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Retired looking for a life annuity on computer
Do you need another amount?
Partial sale

With our Reverso Flex offer, we buy a share in your property. In exchange for the purchase, you receive the corresponding capital in a single payment on the day the sale is signed. The share is determined according to the value of your property, your age and, of course, your needs.

Bearded and pensive retiree
No bank would give me a loan. With Reverso Flex, I was able to get the amount I needed and still own my home.
Jean-Paul M., Boulogne Billancourt

How is the amount of a life annuity sale with Dillan calculated?

The amount you can obtain depends on your age (or the age of the oldest person in the case of a couple), and the value of your property.

The value of your property depends on several parameters, such as location, surface area, number of rooms, year of construction... If you're not sure about the value of your property, you can consult sites like to get an idea.

When you sell the bare ownership of your property in Dillan, you retain the life usufruct, i.e. the right to live in and rent the property for the rest of your life. This right has a value, which depends on your theoretical life expectancy. So, the younger you are, the more this right is worth.

With Dillan, you get an immediate capital sum, a "bouquet seul", as in a "viager sans rente". With bouquet alone, there's no uncertainty: you know exactly how much you're getting!

Good to know:
The value of your property that you enter in the simulator is an initial estimate. If you are interested in going further with Dillan, we will commission an independent expert to carry out an external appraisal of the market value.

What is the minimum amount for a life annuity sale in Dillan?

Dillan allows you to obtain a significant amount of financial capital from your property. The minimum amount is €100,000. If you need less, we can refer you to other financing solutions, such as a life mortgage.

Unlike personal loans or loans for pensioners, which do not allow you to obtain more than €75k, there is no maximum amount for a sale in Dillan.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Over 70 years of age
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Living in mainland France
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Owner of a property worth over €200,000
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Don't meet these criteria? Please contact us to discuss your situation.

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Is this a traditional life annuity sale?

Dillan offers an alternative to traditional life annuities

  • Significant capital immediately: no life annuity, only a bouquet (so that the amount of the sale is clear and without surprises).
  • A sale without intermediaries : we buy with our real estate company, we are not an intermediary looking for a private life buyer.
  • Flexibility: with Dillan, you can sell a share of your property to obtain precisely the amount you need, while retaining the life usufruct.

Zero costs for your sale with Dillan


Yes, you read that right!

With Dillan, there are no administration or notary fees... You get exactly the amount you want, with no deductions at the time of sale.

We earn our income through partnerships with our investors.

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